Friday, February 15, 2008

Booking No Way Out

Their has been a lot of talk since the Royal Rumble about how the WWE is going to book not only No Way Out and Wrestlemania but how Jeff Hardy is going to figure into those plans. Before the Royal Rumble Hardy was getting a huge push and the fans were loving it but after a clean loss to Randy Orton can he bounce back? I think he deserves the push and as long as he doesn’t pull a Brock Lesnar or a Bobby Lashley and decide he wants to quit he should be given a run at the top. So now let me turn my attention to the No Way Out PPV and how I think things should be booked.

Ric Flair Vs. Mr. Kennedy:
This match seems to be a throw away match because everyone knows Ric Flair isn’t losing until Wrestlemania. Saying that this match could be really good for Mr. Kennedy. Kennedy is a really strong performer and Ric Flair will bring the best of him out. Kennedy needs to be stronger through most of the match with Ric Flair somehow pulling out the win at the last minute. If Kennedy is strong with Flair getting the last minute out of nowhere pin it will leave Kennedy strong and could push him in to another Money In The Bank match at Wrestlemania and maybe begin the push that was supposed to take place last year before he got hurt.

Chavo Guerrero Vs. CM Punk
This is a pretty straight forward match. Punk has been getting the best of Chavo as of late so of course he has to lose. Pretty much a back and forth match with Chavo using the ropes or some kind of underhanded deed to win.

Rey Mysterio Vs. Edge
This is a rematch from the Royal Rumble PPV which was a pretty good match. This is another match where it seems like we already know the outcome that Edge will win. Edge is the kind of heel though that it is great for his character that he cheats to win. We should see a great back and fourth match with Mysterio getting the better of it and just as he is about to win Chavo Guerrero makes the save, thus setting up an ECW title match at Wrestlemania between Rey and Chavo, and Edge wins.

John Cena Vs. Randy Orton.
Cena shocked us all by coming back at the Rumble and winning it. He then shocked us again by saying he couldn’t wait until Wrestlemania for his title match and wanted to right there and then. Orton in typical heel fashion said no but that he could have his match at No Way Out. This will be a one sided match with Cena taking out his revenge on Orton. Cena then looks primed for the win when the Big Show returns and costs Cena the win.

Smackdown/ECW Elimination Chamber
This will be the first of two Chamber matches on the show. This one involves Batista, The Undertaker, The Great Khali, Big Daddy V, MVP, and Finlay. Batista will eliminate MVP. Khali then gets rid of Finlay leaving Taker and Batista against the two monsters. Batista eliminates Khali and then is eliminated by Big Daddy V leaving him with The Undertaker. The Undertaker pins BDV after a huge choke slam and wins the match.

Raw Elimination Chamber
This will be the second and better Chamber match on the show. You have Triple H, Jeff Hardy, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, JBL, and Umaga. I am using this match to put Hardy over big time since he lost clean to Orton at the Rumble. JBL will eliminate Jericho. Hardy will eliminate JBL. Now you have Triple H, Michaels, Hardy, and Umaga all in the ring at the same time. Umaga gets rid of Triple H. Hardy pins Umaga bringing it down to just him and HBK. HBK takes control early only to have Hardy fight back. Hardy takes control after a crazy move from inside the cage and ends up getting the pin on HBK to win the match.

So there is how I would book No Way Out. You tell some great stories and set up a number of matches for Wrestlemania. Here is the card as I would have it after this PPV.

WWE Women’s Title Beth Phoenix Vs. Maria
Ric Flair Vs. Shawn Michaels
ECW Title match Chavo Guerrero Vs. Rey Mysterio
John Cena Vs. The Big Show
JBL Vs. Chris Jericho No DQ match
Triple H Vs. Umaga
Money In The Bank match with Mr. Kennedy, CM Punk, MVP, Finlay, Matt Hardy, and Shelton Benjamin
World Heavyweight Championship Edge Vs. The Undertaker
WWE Championship Randy Orton Vs. Jeff Hardy